Pilgrimage and reflection

Now is a frighteningly uncertain and unprecedented time in our world. Our humanity calls us to live in community yet we need to stay apart, isolated. We are all struggling to stay connected, reach out and find new ways to be together.

Devon Pilgrim hopes to offer some way of enabling us do that, and to help us all to feel grounded, connected and hopeful.

We encourage you to get outside, to breathe the fresh air, to feel the ground beneath your feet, to see the world around you and know that you are an intrinsic part of it, all connected. We may have to keep our distance from others, but our eyes can meet, we can smile and encourage others along their journey.

Here you will find some ideas to help you change your walk to a pilgrimage. Reflections, meditations and prayers to use along your way.


Our lives have been turned upside down and everything that we so tightly kept control of is unravelling. We get so caught up in thinking about and planning our lives. Now we are not in control. Now we have to stop. Now we can rest. Now we can know that we are part of God's creation.

Our countryside is dotted with church buildings. They may be quiet now as people cannot gather to worship, but they are open. We encourage you to find your nearest one, plan a pilgrimage to it and to spend some time there.

In a time of self isolation and illness, we hope that the resources here will enable you to take some time out at home.

Early Christian Pilgrimage